Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

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  • 4 user profiles + 7 additional programs + motorized incline
  • Assembly was easy to understand.
  • Love the Bluetooth/app connectivity,
  • motorized incline,
  • speakers (seem loud enough),
  • that it charges my phone with the usb port
  • that it has a headphone jack that I can use to listen to music/shows though the speakers,
  • it has a fan that works well.
  • Gives a killer workout.
  • For home gym equipment, it seems sturdy.
  • Plenty of programs to choose from.


  • If poorly assembled the machine will make an annoying squeaky noise.-Assembly was a little time-consuming. It took me (mostly by myself) 4 hours.
  • It's a bit awkward to move and assemble the heavy parts, but honestly, what can you expect; you are assembling an elliptical.
  • Workouts seem much harder than on the one I used at the gym; I think this is because the weight of the fly wheel isn't as heavy as the gym-quality ones and it isn't free spinning.
  • The fan makes a small vibrating sound and the console makes a vibrating sound when I adjust the resistance or incline.
  • The programs aren't super easy to browse through - read the instructions on how to use the console.

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