The SYRINX Indoor Cycling Bike Review

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Last updated on August 12, 2022 2:24 am
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The SYRINX Indoor Cycling Bike Overview

From the build quality and range of functionality, the SYRINX is a spin bike that sits at the very top of the food chain. It combines a keen sense of style with comfort and stability. This spin bike packs some great features that you would want in a high-performance exercise bike such as a reinforced pedal, a fairly decent 35lbs flywheel weight, silent belt drive, and improved comfort and stability.

Thanks to its large flywheel, you can use this spin bike to burn significant calories and stay healthy in your indoor biking sessions. It has a robust build with good stability capable of supporting up to 350lbs of weight. According to the manufacturer, you can burn five times as many calories with this spin bike as you would with ordinary bicycle riding.

You will enjoy a smoother and quieter ride with the SYRINX Indoor Cycling Bike thanks to its quiet and adjustable resistance. Its belt-driven system takes care of that. You won’t have to worry about bothering your neighbors with some cranky noises.

The SYRINX Indoor Cycling Bike features a continuous resistance adjustment through the simple turn of the knob. You can also push its emergency brakes to stop it immediately.

Product Features

  • It has a 35lbs flywheel and a quiet belt-driven system that gives you the real experience of riding on the road and helps keep the spin bike steady and secure no matter the riding speed.
  • Effective and noiseless brake pads made from pure wool.
  • Conveniently positioned water bottle holder within an arm’s length reach to help you keep hydrated when exerting yourself on the long cardio workouts
  • The saddle is very comfortable with efficient heat dissipation and excellent permeability for long and comfortable riding sessions
  • Two transportation wheels at its bottom enable you to wheel this spin bike effortlessly to desired designated exercise spaces.
  • Has a horizontal bracket for greater stability and safety when riding the bike
  • Continuous adjustable resistance via a knob. You can also stop the spin bike simply by pushing down an emergency brake.
  • The adjustable resistance allows you to increase or lower the resistance to regulate the difficulty of riding as desired.
  • Built with an iPad mount
  • The LCD monitor tracks and shows various fitness parameters including speed, distance, mileage, exercise time as well as calories burned.

Stability and Support

You will certainly appreciate the adjustable handles and saddles in the SYRINX Indoor Cycling Bike. They offer wide support for different body sizes and heights. The manufacturer says that anyone with a height in the region of 4’5 to 7’2 and a maximum weight of 350lbs should use this spin bike comfortably. The excellent stability and support make it an ideal spin bike for both beginners as well as more advanced users.

You can adjust both the handles and the seats to up to five different height settings. You can even make adjustments for cardio workouts. The pedals and adjustable straps allow you to use this spin bike comfortably without the risk of slipping off when you are hitting the super-high speeds. This also allows you to train in relative safety indoors.


This is a premium-quality but mid-priced spin bike so you can expect lots of cool technology and innovation slotted into it. It has more than just an archaic display. Its LCD monitor is up to date and is in tune with the latest trends. The monitor records and puts out lots of key fitness parameters including speed, time, distance, calories, as well as mileage. This rich set of exercise data allows you to scientifically plan out your workout regimen to meet your fitness goals.


The SYRINX Indoor Cycling Bike has impressive support. It has good triangular support that gives you good stability. The sturdiness obtains even when you are riding at very fast speeds. The handles are also adjustable to different heights to get you the most comfortable riding position or for cardio training depending on your fitness goals. The handle is waterproof and non-slip for a safe indoor riding experience.


The SYRINX Indoor Cycling Bike has a continuous resistance adjustment via a knob that you can use to gradually amp up the resistance and increase the riding difficulty if you wish to burn some extra calories in your sessions. You can also wind down the resistance if you simply want to take it slow and relax. There is a very effective push-down brake for emergency stops.


This is an awesome spin bike for home use. Not only is it beautifully built but it also has an excellent function. It has all the bells and whistles that you would want in a premium quality spin bike including an LCD monitor, adjustable resistance, excellent support, and adjustable saddle. It is also reasonably priced. Overall, this is a great fitness investment.

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The SYRINX Indoor Cycling Bike Review
The SYRINX Indoor Cycling Bike Review
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