The Marcy Regenerating Recumbent ME-706 Gym Bike Review


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The Marcy Regenerating Recumbent ME-706 Gym Bike Overview

We are coming at you with yet another Marcy Gym Bike.

It appears we have developed a liking for their cool and unconventional designs. Similar to the previous one, this one has two sets of handlebars, one at the front and back.

The previous Marcy Gym Bike was the NS-40502R. We appreciate its solid build. However, its flywheel is a bit too light. Also, its 8 resistance levels won’t satisfy hardcore cyclers.

In addition to that, its LCD wasn’t backlit. Therefore, you were going to face visibility issues in low light circumstances.

Today, we unleashed one of Marcy’s “high-end” budget-friendly gym bikes. The Marcy Regenerating Recumbent ME-706 Gym Bike.

Does it stand a chance against the NordicTrack, Sunny Fitness, and YOSUDA flagships? Continue reading to find out.

The ME-706 gym bike is significantly heavier than its predecessor. As usual, Marcy hasn’t listed its flywheel weight. It seems we’ll have to make an estimation.

Fortunately, the bike comes with a 24-level magnetic resistance. Indeed, it also comes with an LCD backlit display with 23 inbuilt workout programs.

Product Features

  • It has a heavy-duty steel frame.
  • A weight capacity of up to 300lbs.
  • It offers 24 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • It has a self-regenerating drive system.
  • An adjustable seat.
  • It has two sets of handlebars.
  • It has an LCD backlit display.
  • 23 inbuilt workout programs.
  • It has EKG handgrip pulse sensors.
  • It is compatible with Polar 5 kHz chest straps.
  • Two small integrated speakers with audio jack connectivity.
  • A tablet holder.
  • Its dimensions are 57” L by 24” W by 42” H.

1. The frame and console

The frame is quite solid.

Of course, it’s heavier than the previous Marcy product. You’ll need at least two people to properly assemble this unit. The frame has two main parts connected by several screws.

The steel feels legit and you can expect the bike to last a few years with proper maintenance. Also, its design enhances its stability. Because of its stabilizers, the gym bike will work well on a variety of floors.

Next, we have the LCD digital display. It’s an improvement on the Marcy 40502R model. The bikes with 23 inbuilt workout programs to get you started immediately after unboxing and assembling your unit.

P1 is the first standard workout program. In this program, you can tweak the resistance level to your liking.

P2-P13 are preset workout programs. In these settings, the resistance level is set to simulate real-life terrains like steps, hills, mountains, plateaus, ramps, among many others.

The P14-P17 are fully customizable workout programs. Here, you can set your unique workout program, save, and reuse it.

P18-P22 are heart-rate workout programs.

Finally, P3 is Watt Control.

There is also a recovery function that accesses your current fitness level by analyzing your pulse rate. Additionally, there is also a Body Fat function that calculates the user’s body fat ratio.

As mentioned earlier, the bike is compatible with 5 kHz Polar chest straps. However, it doesn’t come with the bike. You’ll have to buy it separately. Nonetheless, the seat handlebars have EKG hand grip pulse monitors.

2. The resistance and drive system

The Marcy Recumbent ME-706 gym bike is unique. It doesn’t require batteries. It has a self-generating magnetic resistance system. As you pedal, the internal generator generates enough energy to power the console and resistance system.

The bike has 24 resistance levels. Level 5 is the default tension. Therefore, levels 1 to 5 offer lightweight resistance. Indeed, they are not the best for cycling pros. Nonetheless, they are perfect for those recovering from injuries.

Levels 20 to 24 are “intense” and work to simulate uphill battles. They are perfect for cardio and burning calories.

Unfortunately, the flywheel isn’t as heavy as the others we’ve reviewed. We estimate its weight to be around 20lbs. It’s similar to the Marcy 40502R Fitness Bike.

3. The adjustable seat and handlebars

The seat is ok. It’s not the most comfortable seat. Nonetheless, it will do the job.

Fortunately, it is adjustable (front and back movement). While seated, you can adjust your position using a lever.

Unfortunately, the backrest doesn’t decline.

As mentioned in the beginning, the bike has two handlebar sets. The seat handlebars have EKG handgrip sensors. On the other hand, the front handlebars are nothing special. Nonetheless, they are anti-slip.

Closing Thoughts

The Marcy Regenerating ME-706 Fitness Bike is an impressive piece of home gym equipment. However, it’s not jaw-dropping.

Indeed, it offers a wide range of magnetic resistance levels. Nonetheless, we can’t forget about its significantly lighter flywheel. All in all, 20lbs is not the preferred weight for a gym bike flywheel.

Is it better than the Marcy 40502R Gym Bike? Yes. However, it is no match for the NordicTrack, YOSUDA, and Sunny Fitness flagships.

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The Marcy Regenerating Recumbent ME-706 Gym Bike Review
The Marcy Regenerating Recumbent ME-706 Gym Bike Review


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