The LABODI 35lbs Flywheel Stationary Gym Bike Review


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Last updated on October 2, 2023 10:36 am
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The LABODI 35lbs Flywheel Stationary Gym Bike Overview

We present to you the LABODI 35lbs Stationary Gym BIke.

Previously, we reviewed the Sunny Fitness B-1805 Cycling Bike. All in all, it was a nice budget-friendly bike that comes with plenty of high-end features.

For example, we had the impressive 45lbs flywheel. In addition to that, it also offered magnetic resistance and an adjustable seat and handlebars. Nonetheless, the B-1805 isn’t perfect.

Will this LABODI Gym Bike surpass the SF-B1805? Remember, the Sunny Fitness Bike was released back in 2018. On the other hand, LABODI launched their product in 2021. Therefore, we expect it to come with new and “modern” features.

LABODI’s masterpiece comes with a 35lbs flywheel. Also, we love the design on this one. It has a neat but simple look. Additionally, we have a digital console.

The LABODI Gym Bike is best suited for beginner and intermediate users. Of course, the 35lbs flywheel is nice to have. However, it’s not ideal for intense workouts.

Produce Features

LABODI Exercise Bike, Stationary Indoor Cycling Bike, Cycle Bike for Home Cardio Gym, Belt Drive Workout Bike with 35 LBS...

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Last update was on: October 2, 2023 10:36 am

  • It has a heavy-duty steel frame with triangular support.
  • 330lbs weight capacity.
  • It comes with a 35lbs flywheel.
  • A quiet belt drive system.
  • An adjustable seat and handlebars.
  • It has a 3.5” LCD monitor.
  • A 10.5″ bracket for holding tablets and Ipads.
  • A water bottle holder.
  • The pedals are sturdy with adjustable straps to prevent slipping.
  • It has floor levellers that provide more stability when working out.
  • Handgrip pulse monitors for heart-rate monitoring.
  • It has transport wheels for easier mobility.
  • Its dimensions are 20” L by 6” W by 13” H.

1. The heavy-duty steel frame and 35lbs flywheel

As mentioned earlier, we love the design of this gym bike. At first glance, it looks nice and strong—They haven’t disappointed us.

On the ground, the bike feels stable. It doesn’t wobble. The levellers do a job of ensuring all the weight is well distributed to avoid falling.

Next, we have the 35lbs flywheel. In case you didn’t know, the bigger the flywheel, the better the gym bike. Heavier flywheels offer a smoother and more quiet cycling experience than lightweight flywheels.

Indeed, the Sunny Fitness B-1805 is the better gym bike in this category. Its 44lbs flywheel is heavier and full proofs hardcore users.

The flywheel is the big circular part that rotates as you pedal. Sometimes, they are enclosed in a casing and other times, they are left open. Like in this LABODI fitness bike.

Of course, they are people who prefer the in-the open flywheels. We don’t. Uncovered flywheels are vulnerable to sweat and moisture that might cause corrosion.

Next, we have the magnetic resistance that intensifies workout sessions. The LABODI gym bike has a graduated knob that allows you to tweak the level of resistance. In addition to that, there is also an LCD that allows you to track your workout progress—This is a massive improvement upon the Sunny Fitness Gym Bike. Unfortunately, the bike didn’t have a digital display. Also, the resistance knob wasn’t graduated. There was no way of telling which resistance level you were using.

2. The adjustable seat and handlebars

The seat is ok. Honestly, it’s not the best in the market.

Nonetheless, it has an extra soft padding for more comfort. Fortunately, it’s a 4-way adjustable seat (left, right, up, and down). It will accommodate people of various heights.

Next, we have the anti-slip handlebars. The design is nice and comfortable. Additionally, they are also two-way adjustable.

Finally, we were happy to see the handgrip heart-rate sensors. The sensors fit on the handlebars. They come in handy and take your body readings.

3. Holding brackets, pedals, and transport wheels

As mentioned earlier, the gym bike comes with two brackets. The first one is a 10.5″ bracket for holding your tablet or iPad. There is also a bottle bracket that is firm enough to secure your water bottle as you exercise.

The pedals are nice and sturdy. They also have adjustable straps to secure your feet as your exercise. Though underrated, pedal straps are a big deal in gym bike safety.

Finally, the bike also comes with transport wheels for easy movement. They are life savers when moving the gym bike from one point to another.

Closing Thoughts

The LABODI 35lbs Flywheel Gym Bike is an impressive and affordable machine. Somehow, they were able to fit all quality features into this bundle of joy.

Is it better than the Sunny Fitness B-1805 Gym Bike? Yes. It is.

Indeed, the B-1805 is more powerful. However, it lacks a digital console. You can’t track your workout progress—That’s a big deal in fitness. Remember, the 35lbs flywheel is not weak.

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The LABODI 35lbs Flywheel Stationary Gym Bike Review
The LABODI 35lbs Flywheel Stationary Gym Bike Review


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