Intermittent Fasting for Beginners

Fasting, for some people, means starving themselves for a certain. However,  an intermittent fasting is an eating habit that occurs in-between periods of eating, alternating normal calorie intake and food abstinence.

These periods of intermittent fasting are not as frequent as you might be thinking. It is the use of abstinence of food every now and then, to help the body to stabilize and are not to be confused with a diet.

Though it is not called intermittent fasting, our sleep is a form of food abstinence.

Some religions use the intermittent fasting in order to achieve the spiritual peace they teach, others to purify the spirit to congregate with their deities, etc.

For instance, Christians have periods of fasting. The Jewish and the Muslim also have similar practices.

There are many benefits in Intermittent fasting, one of the most popular is weight loss. When you go under a fasting, your body starts to burn the energy that was stored in your body in the form of white fat.

These white fat deposits are usually found around the organs, in the belly muscles, between the muscles, breasts, and under the skin.

After a period without feeding, the body will start burning those deposits, as it has no energy intake from food and it still has to properly function.

The use of fasting is especially effective if you have the habit of eating right as I described above, as your body will not interpret this lack of calorie intake as food shortage, but just a prolonged period between meals.

By constantly feeding your body with the calories it needs to survive, you will not allow it to create a big deposit of white fats, but the little it still does can be burned away with fasting.

Mixing intermittent diet with exercise is a very effective fitness plan. Usually, when doing intermittent fasting, exercise is done during the fasting period. One type of exercise that you can incorporate are cardio exercises.

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