Helix HLT2500 Lateral Trainer Review


  • Approved For Light Commercial Use
  • Self-Generating power source
  • User-friendly
  • Zero learning curve


  • The perfect machine if the price can get lower


If you are serious about getting your body in tip top shape, it is crucial to choose the best fitness machine. The Helix HLT2500 Lateral Trainer is one of the best exercise equipment that can give you the maximum workout experience in the comfort of your own home. Thus, this trainer is the best for your cardio workouts.

Helix HLT2500 Lateral Trainer Overview & Features

If you’re into improving and toning the middle section of your body, then the Helix HLT2500 Lateral Trainer will help. With this amazing fitness machine, your core muscles are being targeted in a continuous manner all throughout the entire cardio workout. It also helps sculpt your glutes by intensively working out your front legs, back legs, and side legs. This is not your ordinary machine where you can achieve a higher heart rate at a faster pace. Hence, you can achieve real results at a much less time.  

Getting sculpted legs won’t be possible if you use the same traditional cardio machines which usually ignore the half part of your legs. Some top athletes from hockey and baseball teams incorporate the Helix HLT2500 Lateral Trainer in their training. It helps them tone their legs, thighs and butt areas. The Helix Lateral Trainer works like magic when it comes to working out the lower body.  

Unlike any other machine available in the market, this trainer also helps in strengthening and protecting your knees by less pounding and impact on joints as it targets the Gluteus Medius which is the key supportive muscle for the knees.


  • Assembled Footprint: 36″ x 42″
  • Unit Weight: – 172 lbs
  • Carton: Height – 28″ Width – 18″ Length – 39″
  • Resistance –  16 Levels
  • Resistance Method – Electromagnetic
  • Max User Weight –  325 lbs
  • Console – LED & Dot matrix
  • Programs – (8): Quick Start, Manual, Random, Interval, HR Control, Valley, Rolling, Mountain, Olympian
  • Feedback – Time, Calories, RPM, Distance, HR, Level, Mets, Watts
  • Power Requirement – Self-Generating; no power source

Additional Features

The Helix HLT2500 Lateral Trainer is quite different from any other aerobic machines since it works best at toning the inner and outer thighs and sculpting the glute and legs just like how would you get it at weight training.

The machine has a motion that will let you target the toughest areas as it conditions aerobically in less time. Thus, it saves you tremendous time which makes it perfect for sports enthusiasts or athletes. You can shorten your 60-minute workout into just 30 minutes.

At a compact 41” x 36” footprint, the Helix is smaller than a treadmill. The HLT2500 has a programmable LED electronic computer, smooth electronic resistance and requires no A/C Power.

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