Cybex 770AT Arc Trainer Review

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  • Low impact
  • Three machines in one (glide, stride or climb)
  • Great for muscle targeting
  • Train for strength, endurance, and weight loss
  • Features the Cybex Muscle Map visual motivator
  • Has preset workouts
  • Has heart rate control
  • Optional Cybex GO Platform for extra workout support and entertainment
  • Optional 15.6” monitor with three viewing modes


  • The price


What We Think About the Cybex 770AT Arc Trainer

It surely is one of the best elliptical machines for fitness enthusiasts. Its low-impact makes it popular at fitness gyms and a great addition to a home workout room. It is perfect for both beginners and seasoned athletes with its wide range of resistance, incline and workout programs. It might cost you a lot, but you will surely get what you pay for. If you have the budget, then we urge you to go for it.

Cybex 770AT Arc Trainer Review

Product Overview

A new evolution of elliptical trainer machine to help you burn more calories than any other cross trainers can is finally here! Introducing the Cybex 770AT Arc Trainer, with an arc motion that will help you shed off as many calories you want to burn within a shorter period. What this trainer does is it engages the right muscles quads and glutes to do more work. Thus, your calorie burn increases as your body demand more energy to keep the muscles going.

If you are training for strength, power, cardio, endurance and weight loss, then this elliptical machine is your perfect partner to reach your fitness objectives. With this machine, you have two more you can use. It can provide you with lower incline levels, mid-range levels, and high levels. You can glide, stride or climb depending on the level you choose. It’s more fun to use with its few more work programs.


  • Incline Levels: 21
  • Stride Length: 24 (61 cm)
  • Resistance Range: up to 900 Watts
  • Drive type: Two-stage drive
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 76 x 37 x 62.5 in 196 x 93 x 159 cm
  • Machine Weight: 404 lbs (183 kg)
  • Maximum User Weight: 400 lbs (181 kg)
  • Convenience Features: Split level display with magazine rack. Water bottle holder, dual utility tray, and dual speed fan.
  • Custom workouts include Quick Start, three Weight Loss, two Cardio, two Shaping, three Strength, as well as Adaptive Power, Constant Power, and Heart Rate Control.


The machine’s standard muscle map display screen allows you to view and monitor your workout progress without distraction.

It lets you use three machines in one with its low, medium and high positions. Thus, lets you have a glide, stride or climb zone.

You can focus on a specific group of muscles on your body with its muscle targeting feature. Adjust the incline and resistance settings according to your objectives and monitor your progress via its innovative muscle map.

It has a reverse arc motion to allow natural movement, eliminating stress on the knees and joints. Take on more advanced workouts with this patented advanced stride technology to burn more calories.

Coming to the machine’s workout selections, you can begin your workout right away with quick start option. You can also choose from weight loss workouts, three strength, two power workouts, two shaping and two cardio. Adjust the resistance according to your speed.



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