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In terms of user experience, the Cybex 750A Arc Trainer is the best because it lessens the stress to the knees while allowing a total range of motion to the hip and knees. It has a low-impact motion which means you won’t realize just how hard you’re working, making it easier and more enjoyable to reach your fitness goals. This unique motion is also the reason why it is suitable for people with joint injuries, as well as those are overweight or obese. Use it to run or climb indoors and watch the calories get burned away.


Just like the other Cybex Arc Trainers, Cybex 750A also does not have a cool down function. Though you can start a 10-minute workout at a low level and low incline for cool down exercise, it is still a con that such a high-end machine does not have an easy cool down option.



Cybex 750A Arc is definitely the best hybrid gym equipment available in the market. Most customers that bought it says it quickly became their favorite machine, especially those who don't necessarily like exercising. The Cybex 750A Arc is indeed a good machine to help you reach your fitness goal. If you are looking for a place to purchase it, visit our website to browse our selection.

Cybex 750A Arc Trainer Product Overview

If you are looking for a home gym equipment that can spice up your cardio workout, the Cybex 750A Arc Trainer is the best choice for you. It combines the elements of a climber, hiker, and skier, that can help you get fit faster and more efficiently. Cybex 750A Arc Trainer is technically a commercial machine but it also recommended fitness-minded home users. It features a Reverse Arc motion technology, which engages the muscles–the quads and glutes–that demand the most energy from the body once they start working.

The 3 major exercise zones of the Cybex 750A Arc Trainer are the low position called the Glide (similar to a ski machine),  the medium position called the Stride (similar to an elliptical trainer), and the high position called the Climb (similar to a stair climber). It is also far easier for the body compared to other exercise equipment available in the market. The trainer’s Reverse Arc motion technology places the user’s toe behind the knee, reducing stress on the joints while offering a complete range of motion for both the knee and hip.


  • Model: 750A
  • Brand: Cybex
  • Country/Region of Manufacture:    United States Resistance: 0-100
  • MPN: 750A
  • Features: Incline, Bottle Holder, Calorie Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, Incline Adjustment, Interval Program
  • Activity: Bodybuilding, cardio, run, sprinting, Arc Trainer, Fitness, Gym & Training, Running   
  • UPC: Does not apply


One of the reasons why the Cybex 750A is perfect for a home gym is because it is compact and versatile. It is a three-in-one gym equipment. Another impressive feature of it is that it has the ability to target muscles with its broad levels of incline and resistance, making it ideal for professional athletes and casual gym-goers alike.

The Cybex 750A is a guaranteed high-quality workout machine that is worth the price tag and makes for a good gym equipment

Features at a Glance:

  • 20 total workout programs
  • Monitors calories burned, distance covered, total time, heart rate
  • The stride length of 24 inches
  • Front drive type with Eddy current brake system
  • With pivoting footplate and cup holders


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