Cybex 360A Home Arc Trainer Review

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  • 3 in 1 trainer experience
  • Can burn more calories compared to other machines
  • Low impact cardio training
  • Ideal for both athletes and newbies
  • Easy to use
  • Quick start button
  • Extended warranty


  • Pricey
  • Heaviness


The Cybex Arc Trainer 360A has an impressive all in one functionality of three gym machines. It has different preset programs and adjustable intensity levels making it easy to target different muscle groups. Whether you want a basic or advanced workouts, this machine is for you. This unit is noiseless and is easy to store. Overall, it is a value for money.

Cybex 360A Home Arc Trainer Review

Product Overview

The Cybex 360A Home Arc Trainer gives you three different workout functions in one machine to test your limits. Choose from these three different functions: the hiker, the climber, and the skier functions according to the level of your workout.

The trainer is sturdy enough to go a long way. It also has a natural, smooth and low impact motions for total user-comfort. Thus, it is suitable for individuals who have acquired joint problems or injuries. It helps to recover the joint injuries and get you in shape faster.

If you’re looking for the best trainer for your home, getting the Cybex 360A Arc Trainer is your way to go. You can enjoy burning more calories and getting your body in better shape at the comfort of your own home with the use of a commercial-grade elliptical machine.


  • 300 pound capacity, measures 28.5 (W) x 62 (H) x 71 (D) inches
  • Weighs 293 pounds
  • Up to 450 watts resistance range
  • Single stage drive
  • 13 preset programs
  • With three machine functions: skier, hiker, and climber
  • 10 years warranty on the frame, 5 years warranty on parts and 1 year on servicing



The Cybex 360A Home Arc Trainer offers a 3-in-1 functionality, the hiker, skier and climber modes. These types of workouts are challenging your muscles and endurance. Its reverse arc motion will help in burning more calories through quads and glutes movements.

Variable Workouts

The variable workouts of the  Cybex 360A Arc Trainer allow fitness enthusiasts choose the type of intensity and challenge they prefer to exercise a specific muscle group.


The trainer’s ergonomic design allows users move their legs and arms at the same side without straining the joints and hurting the back.

Workout Programs

It is engineered with 13 pre-set workout programs and adjustable workout intensity to fit every trainer’s needs. This machine is ideal for both beginners and athletes.


Lastly, the machine is relatively small which only requires a little amount of space in your home.

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