Best Proform Elliptical Trainers

1. ProForm Hybrid Trainer (2 in 1):

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is the ultimate machine for those who want more options when it comes to working out and getting in shape. This elliptical allows for two machines in one, giving you more flexibility when it comes to the cardio workout you want to commit to during your day. It can also help you to work out virtually every part of your body; You can focus on your upper body, your core muscles, and your legs with the help of the elliptical portion of the machine, or you can switch to the bike mode and work on increasing your heart rate that way.

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer allows comes with excellent features to help take your workout game one step further. Built with iFit Technology, this elliptical machine allows you to choose a route from anywhere in the world to follow. With this technology, you can also choose from a wide variety of programs with other training professionals to take your workout to the next level each time you step on your machine. This machine also features a holder for your tablet to watch your favorite program or listen to music while you work up a sweat. This is truly one of the best ellipticals on the market for under $1000.

Full DescriptionProform Hybrid Trainer

2. ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro (2 in 1):

If you loved all of the amazing features and design of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer, then you will absolutely die for the ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro. Although a little more pricey than that of the original Hybrid Trainer, the Hybrid Trainer Pro offers you some new enhancements to make your workout that much better. This elliptical offers the same two in one machine design, with adjustments from an elliptical to a recumbent bike, but also offers a greater 17 inch stride as opposed to the 15 inch stride of the original design. This longer stride allows for a more intense and better workout with every use, making sure you get the ultimate work out each and every time you use your machine.

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro also comes with the iFit Technology, with programs and routes that you can choose to enhance your workout and make you work up a sweat with each use. The machine also comes with the tablet holder for multi purpose use, and even features cushioned pedals to help with traction while you are working out. As we said before, this elliptical comes at a great price, especially with all the amazing features that it has to offer. It may seem like you truly can’t beat everything that the ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro has to offer.

Full Description: Proform Hybrid Trainer Pro

3. ProForm Endurance 520 E Elliptical:

When comparing the ProForm Endurance machines to that of the ProForm Hybrid Trainers that are on the market, we can see a bit of variety. First, the ProForm Endurance 520E Elliptical doesn’t have the two in one machine mechanisms as that of the Hybrid Trainer and Hybrid Trainer Pro. However, the Endurance 520E includes amazing features when it comes to elliptical machines. This machine also has the iFit technology built in, allowing you to access the ultimate variety of programs and methods that will help you to live your best lifestyle while working out on your new elliptical. You can even access personalized nutrition that is right for you and your body in order to attain the best shape you have ever been in.

Along with this technology, the Endurance 520E elliptical also features a flexible and integrative tablet holder to allow you to multi task while you are getting your work out in during your busy day. Finally, this elliptical machine also has the ability to create an incline up to 20 degrees to get the best and highest intensity workout that you can possibly get, and all in the comfort of your own home. At the price of this elliptical machine, you will feel like you are truly getting a discount elliptical trainer to use every single day.

Full Description: Proform Endurance 520 E 

4. ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical:

Following suit, the ProForm Endurance 720 E Elliptical machine is the middle model of the complete Endurance series that ProForm has to offer, and offers even more features as that of the 520 E model. The 720 E model now offers a 19 inch stride path, allowing for even better and more effective workouts each time you use it. This machine also allows for a total body workout, with softer grips for efficient upper body workout use while on the machine itself. This elliptical also features the same incline as the 520 E model, which reaches a full incline of up to 20 degrees, giving you an excellent lower body workout as well.

Once again, the ProForm Endurance 720 E model features that iFit technology that so many users love and utilize on a daily basis, with the ability to access up to 24 apps for creating the healthy lifestyle that you deserve. It also includes the tablet holder so that you can continue to access your tablet for multi tasking purposes as you are completing your workout for the day. With its sale prices that are available, the 720 E model is an excellent choice for ellipticals under $1000 on the market today.

Full Description: Proform Endurance 720 E 

5. ProForm Endurance 920 E Elliptical:

Finally, the ProForm Endurance 920 E Elliptical, which is the final model of the Endurance series that is provided by ProForm, is certainly the most advanced elliptical machine that is offered on the market. The 920 E model offers an excellent selection of features that are enhanced to give you the best workout possible each and every time you put your machine to use. This model allows for a stride path that can reach up to 22 inches, allowing for virtually any body type to use and benefit from the work out this elliptical can provide. This versatility that we are seeing in the 920 E model is the perfect fit for anyone, at any age and size, allowing for a workout and healthy lifestyle for each individual.

The ProForm Endurance 920 E model also features new and improved enhancements when it comes to the tech provided. With its HD, web enabled, touchscreen console now built in, you can virtually complete anything on this machine while you are getting in your morning workout. This elliptical also comes with a whopping 32apps that can help guide you to a healthy lifestyle every step of the way. This machine also features a grip heart rate monitor, an iPod console, and of course, a tablet holder for those who need to multi task while on the go. With all that this elliptical has to offer, and for the amazing price that it is listed at, you truly are getting your penny’s worth when looking at this discount elliptical trainer. You simply can’t compete with the ProForm Endurance 920 E Elliptical.

Full Description: Proform Endurance 920 E


In Conclusion, all of the elliptical machines on this list make for a great at home workout. Full manufacturer’s warranty, ships in 48 hours and takes about 5 business days to get to your door.

What’s most important is finding what qualities of each machine best align with your fitness goals. For more information on any product please click the product page link for a full detailed description.

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